Folder Lock

Folder Lock

Password protects sensitive folders
Folder Lock v7.8
19 Aug 2020
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Folder Lock v7.7.9
1 Jul 2017
Editorial review
Folder Lock v7.6.9
20 Feb 2016
Editorial review
Folder Lock v7.5.6
6 Nov 2014
Folder Lock v7.3
24 Jun 2014
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Folder Lock v7.2.6
11 Mar 2013
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Folder Lock v7.1.8
10 Jun 2012
Folder Lock v7.0.6
17 Sep 2011
Folder Lock v6.5.8
16 Oct 2010
Folder Lock v6.4.2
17 Mar 2010
Editorial review
Folder Lock v6.3.5
30 Aug 2009
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Folder Lock v6.2.5
28 Apr 2009
Folder Lock v6.1.7
7 Dec 2008
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Folder Lock v5.9.0.5
28 Apr 2008
Editorial review
Folder Lock v5.8.0.2
9 Mar 2008
Folder Lock v5.7.0.9
14 Feb 2008
Folder Lock v5.6.1
2 Mar 2008
Folder Lock v5.5.0.7
25 Jul 2008
Folder Lock v5.2.0.8
14 Feb 2008

What's new

v7.8 [18 Sep 2019]
This version has been updated for enhanced performance on Windows 10.

v7.7.9 [1 Jul 2017]
Some minor bugs have been fixed and the performance of the features has been improved.

v7.6.9 [20 Feb 2016]
New UI. Trial period expanded from 15 to 25 number of maximum uses. Bug fixes. Performance improvements. Completely compatible with Windows 10.

v7.3 [24 Jun 2014]
Version 7.3.0 (June, 25th 2014):
This update resolved major underlying bugs which were associated with Folder Lock secured backup feature.

v7.2.6 [11 Mar 2013]
This version includes some important GUI enhancements and fixes a few glitches in secure backup module. This version is fully compatible on all Windows 8 OSes.

v7.0.6 [17 Sep 2011]
With Folder Lock 7, you can now not only encrypt your data, but also make backups of that data to your exclusive online storage account. The subscription service, when used in conjunction with Folder Lock 7 Encryption feature, offers the greater benefits of a simultaneous, automatic and real-time encryption and backup, providing both secure backup & recovery redundancy and the fastest data protection without the high cost. Your backups are stored online in a remote location, a cloud fully secured via government-grade encryption in a physically secured location.
Your encrypted storages 'Lockers' are now truly dynamic, portable, faster to create, occupy lesser space when created and grow automatically when you add more files. You can now also open your Lockers from network locations and servers and can allow several users to store their data in them at the same time by setting Windows privileges on the mounted drive. You can also open multiple Lockers at the same time to transfer files between them. Furthermore, you can convert your Lockers to encrypted executable files using the 'Protect USB/CD' feature and can keep them in portable drives and access your data without requiring admin privileges and installation on other PC. Folder Lock 7 is better, faster, more feature-rich, user-friendly, and has a better and bigger user interface.
A comprehensive set of security features has made Folder Lock a house hold name. Whether you are concerned with data confidentiality, want to prevent data loss or want to achieve true portable security, with Folder Lock, your data is impenetrable and accessible to you alone, anywhere and anytime!
We are proud to announce a major upgrade of our best-selling product, Folder Lock. Folder Lock 7 now comes with a newer, better and bigger interface. It is now a 7-in-1 data security application that lets you encrypt files, backup online, protect USB / CD, lock files, make wallets, shred files and clean history. Additional features include stealth mode, hack security, application level password security and automatic protection.

v6.4.2 [17 Mar 2010]
New features include Windows 7 full file system integration and the fact that if the drive crashes or Folder Lock is reinstalled, files will be found and unlocked again.

v6.3.5 [30 Aug 2009]
Portability feature now supports all types of removable/external storage devices. Stealth Mode is enhanced to work with all 32 and 64 bit OS accurately. Also available in German language now!

v5.8.0.2 [9 Mar 2008]
Works on Windows Vista and all its variants. Now availalbe in five different languges, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. Folder Lock is the most downloaded file and folder security application on the globe with 5 million downloads to-date.

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