Folder Lock

Folder Lock 7.6.9

Folder Lock helps you keep sensitive data away from prying eyes

Folder Lock helps your keep sensitive data away from prying eyes. It works by encrypting selected folders and files and protecting them with a password. Fortunately, the program has a very nice interface, in which tabs let you access its features very easily. Even though it’s unlikely that you have any difficulty to use it, there’s an excellent accompanying user guide to clear any doubts.

The first time you access the application, you’re prompted to enter your master password, which you will be able to change at a later time if it’s necessary. Locking folders and files then becomes as easy as dragging and dropping them onto the application’s main window. It’s important to notice that when you lock an element, you’re not only preventing unauthorized access but also hiding it altogether. Moreover, Folder Lock has the advantage of locking complete drives as well.

Another protection method is the creation of a locker, a sort of a protected partition. This has the tremendous advantage of storing multiple items in a single place using 256-bit AES encryption, one of the strongest algorithms available. Moreover, lockers support two file systems: FAT and NTFS. Likewise, you can set a maximum storage capacity, which is fortunately independent of the size of the file that contains the locker. It’s a fortune that you can create multiple lockers and use individual passwords for them; this way, they can be shared with various users without needing to tell them your master password. In fact, lockers can also be stored on the cloud to make them easier to synchronize, share, backup and restore.

It’s good news that the benefits of using lockers can be extended to some storage media other than hard disks. In this regard, this technology helps protecting the contents of any USB storage device by using a portable locker. And not only that, lockers can be burned to a disk without losing their protection. In addition, it’s even possible to send encrypted contents as email attachments.

Another feature of Folder Lock is that it allows you to keep a record of important information. For this purpose, you can create password wallets in which it’s possible to store various types of cards for fast and secure access to data related to your bank accounts, credit cards, ID card, passwords, among others. Moreover, you can use the program to remove sensitive information permanently by using powerful shredding algorithms and cleaning browsing and usage history. Finally, the program has a feature, named Stealth Mode, intended to prevent certain applications from running unless a password is provided.

All in all, I have to say that I’m very satisfied with Folder Lock, particularly with the possibilities derived from the use of lockers. In my opinion, this tool is powerful enough to preserve the privacy of your data in standard conditions. Unfortunately, it seems to have no integration with the system’s contextual menu.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • It’s easy to use
  • It uses strong encryption algorithms
  • It can create protected lockers
  • It allows sharing, restoring and backing up information using cloud services
  • It lets you send protected data over the email
  • It can keep a record of important information


  • It seems to have no integration with the system’s contextual menu
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