Folder Lock

Folder Lock 7.7.9

Protect, lock, and encrypt your drives, folders, and files securely

In the world of digitization, remote access, cloud storage, and shared access keeping your most valuable and sensitive documents conveniently out of view are of the utmost importance. Folder Lock has been designed to offer you the level of security you need to lock, hide, encrypt, and back up your private information without compromising its usability. It combines robust security features with a flexible set of settings to help you customize the level of security that better fits your needs.

Folder Lock relies on a master password to open, operate, and even uninstall the app. In order to avoid keyloggers from capturing that password, you’re offered the choice of using a virtual keyboard to create it. Alternatively, and once you’ve registered your copy, the product serial number provided by the company can also be used to access and unlock your stuff in case you forgot your master password. This is both convenient and distressing at the same time – knowing that some server at stores the key to unlocking your most sensitive information is far from reassuring. Luckily, you can turn this option off.

Locking a file with Folder Lock does not necessarily mean that that file has been encrypted – it has simply been removed from view. If you want to encrypt it using the app’s AES 256-bit algorithm, you will need to create a Locker, to which you can send all the items that you want to have encrypted. Locking is not limited to files and folders – you can hide entire drives (except for the Windows drive, as expected), both internal and external, and even the app itself, so that only you know that it’s installed on your system. To open it again, once hidden, you will need to use the key combination selected in the Auto Protection settings.

You can also create specific wallets to lock your most valuable passwords and virtual credit cards, and back up in the cloud all the Lockers you marked as “backup-able” in the creation process, together with their encrypted content. This feature is optional and carries a small extra fee. If what you put in Folder Lock were copies of existing documents or folders and – understandably – you wish to get rid of the original files, you can use the program’s Shred Files option to make them unrecoverable, and choose from a simple zero overwrite to a 35-pass Gutmann algorithm to destroy those delete files for ever.

Unlike with many other software tools, here the Settings dialog is just as important – if not more – than the program’s main features. Here is where you define the level of security that you wish to apply to Folder Lock in a number of sensitive areas, allowing you to make choices that can seriously determine the app’s efficiency. Thus, apart from the already-mentioned optional use of the serial number as a master password, you can also decide to let the program shred locked files and folders, request the master password to uninstall the program, go into Stealth Mode and hide the app from view, define the maximum number of acceptable incorrect login attempts, set the program to shut itself down after X number of minutes using the Auto Protection feature, and change the default shredding system, to name a few.

Folder Lock is a comprehensive security tool for all your sensitive and valuable data. Its high level of flexibility, which allows you to define the level of security and privacy that your data deserve, sets it apart from a large number of its competitors.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Auto shutdown of the app
  • Configurable fail attempts
  • App auto-hide option
  • Virtual keyboard for master password
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Secure cloud-based backup


  • Serial number can be used to unlock your files and folders
  • Locking an ítem does not encrypt it automatically
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