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Folder Lock 5.9

Folder Lock is an useful utility software that help you to protect your files
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Folder Lock is a complete and useful utility that locks and secures your information from others, with this software protected files are blocked, hidden, and encrypted; this way everything within becomes indelible and inaccessible for everybody but you. It is 100% confinable because it has protection on every level, for example, you cannot uninstall it if you do not have the password of administrator; it uses an unique encryption algorithm, so your file is very hard to hack.
Folder Lock includes additional modes such like Hidden Mode, Hacking Intents Monitoring, File Fragmentation, Auto Blocking and PC Auto Shutdown.
It can also protect files in a flash drive that are protected even when they are copied on other computers or systems.
Folder Lock can be used to protect removable disks and protect works on other computer without the need of install any software.

Folder Lock has an intuitive Graphic user interface for managing every configuration required, so it is very easy to use and you don’t require downloading any instruction or manual.

Juan Carlos Mendez
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  • The interface is easy to use. It hides folders with your sensitive data. OK as long as you can maintain physical security of your drive


  • Uninstaller malfunction in some variants of Windows Vista fixed with better USB security if files are protected from within Windows Vista
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