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Protect, lock, and encrypt your drives, folders, and files securely
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abid khan

abid khan Good locker.

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KellyBerner123 This new design is why I got back into Folder Lock. Great job, guys.

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Paul Edward

Paul Edward It is a blessing to have such a feature packed software that too easy to use. Its user friendly interface makes data security such an easy task for people like me. To me, it is the best data security software at the moment.

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hermanlandis Best data security software at the moment.

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ewardrobin The thing I love the most about this software is its dynamic lockers. I don't have to worry about the size of the data that I put in digital lockers because they adjust their size automatically. This is simply amazing!

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hermanlandis There is absolutely nothing that this software does not offer regarding data security. It offers the fastest encryption, file shredder and even provides protection to the portable data storing devices. According to me, this software is a truly blessing; it is simply a comprehensive data security solution by itself.

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jak It's so easy to use and install. It makes the files safe and secure when you don't want to share your pics, video, etc... you can hide it all by using this app.

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Guest I have lost my data, because I deleted my user account. How to recover my data?

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Cathy To secure my most personal data from my roommates, I have been looking for different solution but wasn’t able to find the one that exactly suit my needs within my limited budget. I am glad that I discussed my concern about security with my brother in law who recommended folder lock to secure my personal data. Its really secure and keeps me at peace when I am not around my PC. There are some valuable features that I haven’t found in any security software yet. It’s a complete security application that is must have.

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Alisha Folder Lock was recommended to me by my friends at the bar. I basically use this application for protecting my sensitive client data secure, but I know the application has so much more to offer. I'm quite satisfied with how the application is so easy to operate, yet offers that many data protection features. Overall, very easy to use!

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Cara W Morris

Cara W Morris I don't know much about giving opinions on software, for me it's excellent because it helps protect my data the way I want. I use lock files to save accidental deletion of data from my kids at home and use the encryption thingy to strongly protect my crucial data when I am at work. I guess this is what every software should be like, easy, simple and reliable.

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Cara W Morris

Cara W Morris I have recently started using Folder Lock and I found it very helpful. I started with the trial version as thought it might be difficult to use and would require a lot of learning. Once I started to use the application, I found it quite simple and it took me no time to understand how it works and I decided to get the full version immediately. I feel secure that my data is protected with one of the best security software and I do not have to worry about my sensitive files while sharing my PC with my colleagues.

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Daniel Guibord

Daniel Guibord Leonid Kluev (the owner of VentaFax) presents his software to potential buyers in such a way so as to lead them to believe that they can use it for voicemail applications akin to that used by medium size companies at the following web page:, and that hence, anyone who would want to use it for a relatively small voice mailbox application (e.g., a 3 or 4 simple verbal menus with approximately 7 mail boxes) will have no difficulty obtaining the purported results from his software. Leonid Kluev knows that the reasoning of potential buyers goes like this: “If some companies are paying up to $1299 for this software, it follows to reason that this software works”.

The FAX portion of his software works, but the voicemail portion contains numerous bugs that render it useless for anything other than very unsophisticated voicemail applications. Which you are not going to find out if you use the 30 day trial home version; because the amount of time required to write a script file for Leonid Kluev’s software for several mail boxes with multiple menus is tremendous, as you have to learn a new programming language, which no one in one’s right mind will do just to test his software for 30 days. Leonid Kluev knows this.

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